Interview with Winnie Kwan

winnie kwan pastoral care biblical counselling chaplaincy student

Winnie was a software tester before enrolling in a Graduate Diploma of Divinity at the PTC. She hopes to minister as a hospital chaplain in the future.


What did you do before enrolling at the PTC?

I was a software tester.


Why did you decide to undertake study?

If you had asked me a year ago if I'd go to Bible College I probably would have said no, unless I was called (I felt people who go to Bible college were generally those who would be full time missionaries or pastors/ministers).

But then after I was finally baptised last December I found myself in January with the opportunity to enrol in study.  I had been wanting to serve in the area of chaplaincy for a few years now, but so far felt I hadn't the time nor energy for it. I knew that pursuing this requires me to be equipped, which is why I enrolled to study subjects relating to pastoral care as well as biblical theology in a Graduate Diploma.

During my first semester of study, my view of Bible College changed.  I now think it's worthwhile for any professing Christian to enrol to study some Bible college subjects of interest (whether online, audit or a course) if they have the opportunity, because this is one study you wouldn't regret as it builds you up in faith and trust in God.


How do you plan to use your degree in the future?

I plan to use it wherever God places me. I think that the knowledge and skills gained through the subjects in my course can be used anywhere.

Currently I wish to return to the hospital where I was treated and assist there, however I have been told that people often come in with one purpose and then God changes their plans, so I am keeping aware to being open to other opportunities.


How has PTC equipped you for your future ministry role?

While I've only studied for a semester, I've felt that the subjects I've taken has ministered to me personally, to the point where I have come out of some classes feeling like I've just received biblical counselling.

I also feel I am being discipled as I study here, ensuring I have a right foundation. Any skills learnt has to be applied to myself first before I can really help others with it, and the studies here aims to ensure that you don't just come out with head knowledge, but that it changes you and you grow from it.